About Tango Northampton & Teachers

Tango Northampton is run by Darren and Zoe - a husband and wife teaching team


Darren has been dancing Tango over 12 years,  starting his tango journey at Market Harborough Tango and progressing through all styles of Tango including Nuevo and Neo.  As the years have passed Traditional Argentine Tango became his third love, after Zoe and their family.  Darren supports his teaching style by Dj ing his own Milongas & Milongas for other Events including for Ceroc Passion multi-room events, Stokies and Tango Weekenders along with guesting at other Tango events which isoften for hundreds of dancers.


Zoe is more recent to the tango scene, starting her journey 5 years ago, learning to share in her husband's passion for Argentine tango.  By supporting Darren with his teaching and sharing her own love for Tango, which has been a fast upward learning curve for Zoe, showed a unique understanding of the complexities of technique right from day one. Adding to this, her reputation for baking Zoe enhances the ingredients of their tango classes and workshops - worth attending for the cake alone!


Darren and Zoe often teach as a team, where both share the lead or follow roles. Thus, making for a very effective teaching team being able to understand both roles & techniques - a rare quality.  But each are available to teach separately if requested


Tango Northampton emerged in November 2013, believing in the philosophy of 'stronger together' to spread the love of Argentine tango around. Tango Northampton has developed close ties with various tango clubs/groups in the midlands area..  Tango Northampton has also shared it'd love with non tango dancers, with close partnerships with other dance genres.  

Tango Northampton organise Argentine Tango classes & workshops but also share specialised workshops with other teachers, not least the internationally renowned Bill and Ann Froud who were teachers and mentors to Darren and Zoe, with Bill and Ann Froud being one of the few non-Argentinian couples to ever teach in Buenos Aires, (a link to one of their videos can be found here)


In 2017 Tango Northampton spread its wings even further by opening a second class night in Northamptonshire and Leicestershire


Event and workshops information can be found here.




Important COVID-19 Information

Due to the COVID-19 public outbreak, Tango Northampton, Tango Kettering, Tango Market Harborough, Lutterworth Milonga and all connected organizations have suspended all events, milongas, workshops, and classes from March 8th until we are advised by Public Health England/NHS and/or the government when it is safe to resume and continue such face to face events, our clients, students, and general public health is our main priority and concern Until such a time we are happy to announce that we will resume classes, through remote learning, on Monday, March 23 online live virtual classes will be available to anyone who would be interested, this is new and will be ever-evolving.

Proud To Be Part of The Midlands Argentine Tango Scene