La Gran Orquesta de Tango del Palicio de Louisa
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La Gran Orquesta de Tango del Palacio de Louisa" is a community tango orchestra that exists to encourage the playing of tango dance music. 
We had our first Pop-Up Tango performance on Saturday 7th April 2018 and were delighted to find people enjoyed it. A second performance for the dancers 
of Tango Northampton at Kislingbury on Sunday
30th September 2018 proved that it was possible for us non-professionals to play tangos at a danceable standard.

Anybody with a suitable instrument is welcome to get involved. The arrangements are as simple as possible while bringing out the essential features 
of tango - consistent rhythm, dynamics and wonderful melodies. We are fortunate to have a vocalist who sings in Spanish but would welcome those
who wish to give this a try. 

As an example of an instrumental tango have a look at sheet for "La Payanca" which is based on Juan d'Arienzo's version.
If you can play along with (or accompany) the YouTube clip of "La Payanca" using this sheet then you do just fine. 
If you need a sheet for a transposing instrument then please get in touch...

Simon 07977 266643

Acknowledgements - and Korey Ireland

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