Events & Milongas 2020



Sunday Tea Dances 

Jan 12th

Feb 9th

March 8th

Apr 12th (Postponed)

May 10th (Postponed)

June 14th (Postponed)

July 12th (Postponed)

Aug 9th

Sept 13th

Oct 11th

Nov 8th

Dec 13th

Market Harborough Neo/Alt


4th Jan

7th March

4th April (Postponed)

2nd May (Postponed)

6th June (Postponed)

4th July

1st Aug

5th Sept

3rd Oct

7th Nov

5th Dec








Daventry Milongas 

(La Milonga Nocturna)

Lutterworth Milongas

Jan 25th 

Feb 22nd

Mar 28th@MH (Postponed)

Apr 25th (Postponed)

May 23rd (Postponed)

June 27th@Market Harborough

Jul 25th

Aug 22nd

Sep 26th@Market Harborough


Nov 28th@Market Harborough

March 21st (Cancelled)

June 20th

October 24th

December 29th


Stokies Alternative Tango Weekender


Teaching and DJ's

April 17th-19th 2020

Stokies Blues & Tango

(DJ's & Teaching)

Aug 14th- Aug 16th 2020

Important COVID-19 Information

Due to the COVID-19 public outbreak, Tango Northampton, Tango Kettering, Tango Market Harborough, Lutterworth Milonga and all connected organizations have suspended all events, milongas, workshops, and classes from March 8th until we are advised by Public Health England/NHS and/or the government when it is safe to resume and continue such face to face events, our clients, students, and general public health is our main priority and concern Until such a time we are happy to announce that we will resume classes, through remote learning, on Monday, March 23 online live virtual classes will be available to anyone who would be interested, this is new and will be ever-evolving.

Proud To Be Part of The Midlands Argentine Tango Scene