Every Monday Night In Kettering

Prices For Kettering


Beginners/Intermediates Lesson & Guided Practica:                                         £6:50 Per Person



Class Timings:

                 7:00pm - 8.30pm       Beginners & Intermediate Class Followed by a                                                   Guided Practica



Monday Nights In Kettering


Beginners Salon Tango

Traditional Argentine Tango taught every Monday night, from the embrace through to the ochos, We focus on Lead and Follow, Technique, Core..all your key building blocks to enhance your Tango journey. We DO NOT teach set step patterns


We will teach you how to LEAD and FOLLOW, not step patterns, everything you learn from us will focus on technique posture and core strength, we strongly believe that these WILL and DO get you dancing with confidence!







Debbies School Of Dance

1st Floor

Tailby House

Bath Road


NN16 8NL




Do I Need To Bring A Partner?               No, classes normally                                                                    rotate


Do I Need To Pre-Book?                        No , But pre block                                                                       booking classes saves                                                                    you money!


They Say Tango Is Difficult To        Yes you will! With       Learn, Will I be Good Enough?            Tango you never stop                                                                   learning, even as                                                                           teachers!               

We are back teaching private lessons only from the 26th July (singles, fixed couples and bubble couples only for now) in the Kettering dance studio, we have strict guidelines in place for your, and our peace of mind to be as Covid secure as possible)  For more information please see below, If you are interested please get in touch

Proud To Be Part of The Midlands Argentine Tango Scene