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Tango Warwick

Friday night classes and Milongas once a month

Tango Leicester

Classes and Practicas held on Monday nights

Tango Lutterworth (Dreams of Tango)

4th Saturday of the month is Milongas, every Saturday afternoon at Leicester Uni is a practica

Tango Nottingham

Tango in Nottingham , lots going on up here

Tango Stoke (Stokies)

Ran by the wonderful Nath and Essie Jo, these guys have an enviable following due to there hard work and commiment..not to mention there fabulous technique and style


Tango Cambridgeshire (Tango Moon)

Tuesdays and Thursdays evenings


Tango Central

 Your one stop 'whats on' guide around the uk, look here for classes, workshops, milongas and more!



Tango Fuzz

 Another fabulous link for all your tango venues, milongas, classes and clubs.....they even have a 'rate your milonga' chart so you can see scores for each one!



And now ... a bit of fun

How many dance teachers does it take to change a light bulb? Five!...Six!...Seven!...Eight! 


So, the skeleton didn't dance at the Milonga, why? It seems he had no body to dance with 

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