Lutterworth Milonga

Your next Lutterworth Milonga TBC Covid19 compliant


Feb 22rd DJ Barry Leadbetter

Mar 28th Postponed

Apr 25th Postponed

May 27th Postponed

June 22nd D.J Darren Taylor: Postponed 
Jul 25th canceled

Aug 24th canceled

Sep 26th DJ TBC

Oct 31th DJ TBC

Nov 28th DJ Darren Taylor (Venue Market Harborough  afternoon WorkShop with Louis & Elizabeth Knock) Covid19 allowing


In January 2018 we were handed the keys to Lutterworth Milonga by our trusted and well-respected friend Al Anson, who hosted and carried the Lutterworth Milonga flag for many, many years, it is a great honour and privilege for both of us to be the new hosts of this wonderful milonga, we currently do not have a website for Lutterworth but do have a facebook group, which has all the events listed, you can see the facebook group here or alternatively see below for news and listed events

Sunday 30.05.2021  @Kislingbury Village Hall

 If you would like to book a private lesson prior to the class starting please message us for more details 


Beginners/Improvers Class 19.30 - 21.00

 Door open at 19.20 please wear a mask on entering you are required to complete a COVID Questionnaire.

 Anyone else wanting to Practice during this time you are more than welcome to come along