Lutterworth Milonga

In January 2018 we were handed the keys to Lutterworth Milonga by our trusted and well-respected friend Al Anson, who hosted and carried the Lutterworth Milonga flag for many, many years, it is a great honour and privilege for both of us to be the new hosts of this wonderful milonga, we currently do not have a website for Lutterworth but do have a facebook group, which has all the events listed, you can see the facebook group here or alternatively see below for news and listed events


Jan 25th DJ Darren Taylor  Venue  Market Harborough 

Feb 22rd DJ TBC

Mar 28rd DJ Venue Market Harborough  a 

afternoon WorkShop with Louis & Elizabeth Knock

Apr 25th DJ TBC

May 27th DJ TBC

June 22nd D.J Darren Taylor: Venue Market Harborough  a afternoon WorkShop with Louis & Elizabeth Knock

Jul 25th TBC

Aug 24th DJ Darren Taylor ?

Sep 26th DJ 

Oct 31th DJ 

Nov 28th DJ Darren Taylor Venue Market Harborough  a afternoon WorkShop with Louis & Elizabeth Knock


Proud To Be Part of The Midlands Argentine Tango Scene