NeoTeric Tango

            The Kings Hall, Kings Road, 

                   Market Harborough

                         LE16 7JU

First Saturday of the Month 8:00PM - Midnight

Jan    4th

Feb    1st

March 7th

Apr     4th

May    2nd

June   6th

July    4th

Aug    1st

Sept   5th

Oct    3rd

Nov   7th

Dec   5th

On the first Saturday of every month neo/Alternative tango night in Market Harborough, Hosted and Dj'd by Zoe Taylor. We have a facebook group which holds all her dates you can find and join it here If you dont have facebook you can find all her dates and location listed below.


A little about Zoe:- Zoe is a fast becoming a revelation in the neo/alternative world with her refreshing thinking to music, her music is FANTASTIC, she is resident NEO/Alternative DJ at Cerocs BIG Daventry event in the tango room, DJ's Market Harborough and made her first appearance on a weekender in May 2018 as Neo DJ at the tango by the sea weekender in Felixstowe, she made such an impact that she has been asked back to do the next one but this time for 3 sets! She is also Dj ing for various local events in Northants and Leicestershire. Her music is sublime!

Proud To Be Part of The Midlands Argentine Tango Scene