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Market Harborough

Future Event Details:

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On the first Saturday of every month there is a Neo/Alternative tango night in Market Harborough, hosted and Dj'd by Zoe Taylor. We have a facebook group which holds all her dates - find and join it here 

If you dont have facebook you can find all the dates and locations listed to the right.




Zoe is a fast becoming a revelation in the Neo/Alternative world with her refreshing  approach to her music. As our resident NEO/Alternative DJay she is asked to co-host the tango room at Ceroc's BIG Daventry. 

Zoe made her first appearance on a weekender in May 2018 as a Neo DJ at 'Tango by the Sea' weekender in Felixstowe.  Since that date, Zoe made such an impact that she has been asked back to do more sets. Zoe also Djays for Skokie's Weekenders following her debut in 2019 and is now a regular djay at the weekenders.  She also Djays for various events in Northanptonshire and Leicestershire area and is happy to djay at your events too. Feel free to contact us for details. We are sure you and your dancers will find her popular music is sublime!

First Saturday of the Month  1930pm  - Midnight
Pre booking is essential
Under current government advice  they have given guidance for best practice and left the onus on the business/dance school/indivdual.....as you can imagine all organisers and dance teachers are going through a tough time trying to make things work and be the safest it can possibly be for everyone, due to tango being affected heavily before the first lockdown by COVID, the UK tango association has given advice on best practice, to keep everyone as safe as possible, so, with this in mind, we all move forward together, our number one priority is your safety , new protocols for the UK tango association is that everyone attending classes and/or milongas are double jabbed, (proof to be shown only once, via your NHS App we will NOT be taking a hard copy record of it) a  LFT NEGATIVE result for that day (these are free and easily obtainable from Pharmacist's or available to order for free from the NHS website) 
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