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Blurred Dance Floor

Get Booking!

 we have our new June 6 week course dates, have a look below and click the buy tickets button for more info and to secure your place!
There is something for everyone with many different courses available

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Classes held in Northampton (Wednesdays) 

Improvers + Alt Kisle june 2024.jpg

Every month we travel to Minehead in Somerset to teach 4 hour intensive workshops 

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Minehead monthly workshop dates are here, contact details on above flyers or you can email Ali here

Blurred Dance Floor

Every 1st Saturday of the month we run our alternative music Milonga at Lutterworth Town Hall

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El Cuarto Sabado

Every 4th Saturday of the month  we run our traditional Milonga at Lutterworth Town Hall

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Every 6 Weeks we hold an exclusive Restaurant Take over!

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Specia Events

All special event workshop information & links will be available here 

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For our Events calendar click here

tango Calendar

Meet Your Organisers, DJ's & Teachers


Darren & Zoe

Darren has been teaching in the UK for 15 years, teaching at many class nights and also on weekenders.

He started teaching both traditional tango and Neo/Alternative tango in 2008.

Darren can teach and dance BOTH lead and follow, his understanding of the dance, technique and music is a very unique gift, his ability to break down and communicate easily and clearly every nuance of this dance.

In 2016 Zoe joined him in teaching after learning for many years, her ability, attention to detail, understanding and clear teaching techniques, alongside also being able to dance and teach BOTH lead and follow make her also a unique teaching talent.

This Husband and Wife teaching team make a complete, fully rounded and ultra experienced teaching couple, they offer a fun, friendly approach to teaching making you feel relaxed, welcome and above all, an enjoyable experience while you learn this fantastic dance!


Tango Northampton teaching focuses for the first 45 minute beginners class on key foundation technique for both lead and follow. The next classes are then based on  a 3 tier system approach of teaching, in brief terms:-

1) Where am I moving to? With which foot?

2)  Once in bedded, learning correct technique for lead and follow

3) Learn how to dance to music!

These are tried, tested and trusted techniques to give you the confidence to dance socially tango at all levels from beginners to advanced in the UK


We are running the following classes:


 Traditional Salon Style at Kislingbury on a Wednesday evening

Traditional Salon Style at Kettering on a Sunday evening 

(No partner required)


Darren & Zoe also teach individuals, couples and party groups, including wedding/ prom/ anniversary dances, Corporate / School Workshops


We also run two types of Milongas @ Lutterworth


The 4th Saturday:

Traditional Milongas with music played in the traditional way in tandas with cortinas from the 'Golden Era' with guest DJ's regularly appearing.


The first Saturday:

Alternative tango nights at Lutterworth, with resident and guest DJ’s


Returning for 2024 to Northampton will be the quarterly traditional tea dances!

Our group DJ's, Darren & Zoe also guests for dance clubs, corporate and social events. 




Like what you see?  Email us or text/call +44 (0)7858 289620

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